GroundLock is an Australian designed and manufactured ground-mounted solar panel framing system, part of the SunLock family of solar framing products.

GroundLock is backed by a 10 year warranty and is compliant with the Australian/New Zealand standard on wind actions AS/NZS1170.2. All models are supplied pre-approved for wind region A, making them suitable for installation across the majority of Australia. One model, SLG521-20, is supplied pre-approved for wind regions A, B and C.

GroundLock 9 kW

GroundLock 7.5 kW

GroundLock 20 kW


  • Standard frame supports twelve PV modules with dimensions up to 1680 x 1000 mm
  • Custom designs available for long rows
  • SunLock clamps are available to suit almost all PV module thicknesses
  • 25° or 40° inclination, others upon request
  • Galvanised steel sub-frame and 6106-T6 extruded aluminium upper frame
  • For large installatins the steel sub-frame can be sourced and installed by the customer to save on freight
  • High durability and corrosion resistance
  • Installation site: residential, commercial, and remote areas
  • Pre-approved for installation in wind region A, B and C, terrain category 2
  • Complies with Australian/New Zealand Standard on Wind Actions, AS/NZS 1172.2:2011
GroundLock frame rear view

Surviving storms

The frame and footings of a ground-mounted solar PV frame must be checked by a structural engineer to ensure that they can withstand the wind loads found at the installation site. The attached image shows damage which occurred to a ground mounted frame (not GroundLock) in northern NSW in 2005 (used with the permission of the owner).

Damaged ground mount

Note that when properly installed, a GroundLock frame will withstand once in 500 year winds. For full details refer to the GroundLock installation manual and the supplementary technical bulletins.